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of vampires and superheroes

10 Mar


This morning I spoke to an old client. Every now and then, when he needs support, he calls me.

Today our conversation was about a situation at work. He was prepared. He had the topic clearly defined and had 3 possible options he was considering.

And, he knows himself pretty well, cause he’s done that work too. In the end, he chose an option that empowered everyone.

We laughed about how he loves to be the hero (don’t we all?). And how, in his option 3 – the one he chose that empowers everyone – not only is he a superhero, but his boss gets to be one, and the employee he wants to help gets to stand for herself in her own superhero-ness.

He is a vampire of super heroes. Through his actions he makes more superheroes.   Soon, all around him will be an army of super heroes. And his organization changes. And he changes. And the world changes.

And no blood is shed or sucked.   He’s like a sparkly vampire – sorta (but not really )like Edward Cullin in Twilight (yes, I read them all AND watched the movies).

How are you using your super hero powers to help others find theirs??

And how’s that workin for you?